Special Education Movie | Special is the New Normal | All My Friends Are Bi-Polar)

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Mister O The Hip Hop Teacher

Jawan is a young teenager who has been through a lot of hard times. Now he ends up being a menace at his new private school where Mr. O starts working as a one to one and crisis team member. Well, Mr. O doesn't know what he's in for. Jawan's aunt might take him out of this almost psychiatric prison like place if he would only behave and Mr. O wants to help him achieve that.
The problem is that some of the workers at this school are not too professional and low -key don't like working there, nor do they like the school. we even find that some of the administration is just there for the bottom line, which is the dollar. Let's watch and see what happens in this new school.

Written and Produced by Kamal Imani
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