Tips Every New Teacher Needs to Know When Teaching Young Children

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I remember my first year teaching preschool and the challenges and struggles of managing the classroom and the children. This video offers the tricks and tips that I have learned after years of trial and error. I wanted to share these tips and tricks with you in hopes of helping you have a successful first year of teaching.

Get Your Preschoolers Attention! with this cute song

Doggie, Doggie Where's Your Bone? Preschool/Daycare Style
Fun Easy Game for Preschoolers; What's Missing?

Chants and Attention Getters:
Silly Chants that tell Young Children "Good Job!"
Tricks that Have Children Place Hands in their Laps
Classroom Attention-getter Song
Classroom chants to get your little ones standing in a line and "Hallway Ready"
Classroom Attention Getters

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