The Entire History of Ancient Japan

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Written by Thomas Lockley.
Check out his fantastic book on Yasuke:
Edited and Designed by Manuel Rubio
Narrated and Script Edited by David Kelly
Thumbnail Image by Ettore Mazza
Images by Alex Stoica, Bilal Erlangga.
Kofun imagery made based on [ National Land Image Information (Color Aerial Photographs)], Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism


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00:00 Introduction
04:52 Beginnings
11:07 The Shaman Queen 297 AD
16:15 The Rise of Buddhism 552 AD
21:50 The Fall of Korea 663 AD
27:39 Choosing A Capital 736 AD
37:45 Rise of the Emishi 774 AD
46:48 Embassies to China 717 AD
52:43 The Heian Court 1000 AD
56:59 Shogun 1184
1:02:12 Horsemen of the Apocalypse 1274


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