Oxford University Mathematician takes German High School Maths Exam

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Oxford Mathematician Dr Tom Crawford sits the 'Abitur Mathematik' - the maths exam taken by students in Germany at the end of high school. Test yourself with the Maple Learn worksheet here: https://learn.maplesoft.com/do....c/iefswls387/trm---a

The exam taken by Tom is the 2019 Abitur Mathematik from the German region of Bavaria. The paper is taken when leaving school at the age of 17 or 18.

You can download the test for yourself here: https://tomrocksmaths.files.wo....rdpress.com/2023/07/

A version translated into English (using Google translate) can be found here: https://tomrocksmaths.files.wo....rdpress.com/2023/07/

Produced by Dr Tom Crawford at the University of Oxford.

Tom is an Early-Career Teaching and Outreach Fellow at St Edmund Hall: https://www.seh.ox.ac.uk/people/tom-crawford

Thanks to Miles Simmons for the Maple Learn worksheet and visualisations.

Sign-up for Maple Learn Premium using the code TOMROCKSMATHS for a discounted subscription. Head to https://getlearn.maplesoft.com/ for more information.

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For more maths content check out Tom's website https://tomrocksmaths.com/

You can also follow Tom on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @tomrocksmaths.

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