Quiet Classroom Music For Children - Calming Sensory Bubbles - Morning music for class

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Quiet classroom music for children may assist students to be calm and focused. Calm Kids Classroom’s instrumental morning music for class may be used to encourage your students to ‘be ready to learn’ in a variety of classroom settings and lessons. Teachers and home schooling parents can utilise our relaxing and quiet classroom music for children, including kindergarten, the elementary classroom, middle school students and high school students.

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Created by an early years teacher, Calm Kids Classroom instrumental music videos may be used in a number of ways to benefit your students or children, such as having circle time or starting the day with quiet morning music for the classroom, calm music for studying, quiet reading music for silent reading time, relaxing music for settling after lunch or play time, a calm ‘brain break’, sleep time at preschool, background music during writing time and more!

Calm Kids Classroom has created numerous styles of videos for different classroom needs. Your students may enjoy watching a quiet classroom music video of an aquarium during morning circle time to start the day in a calm way, but what if you need music only or a video with less visuals during writing time to ensure your students are not distracted? Calm Kids Classroom has created both still shots/low visual music videos AND calm engaging moving music videos! Our growing video library also contains calming sensory videos to assist your students with special needs.

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Audio track used under creative commons licence.

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