Who were the first people in recorded history?

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Huge thanks to Sara Mohr, Raven Todd Da Sila and Hassan Elzawy.
Written by Stefan Milosavljevich
Edited by Amanda Laws
Artwork by Ettore Mazza

Kushim Source: Nissen, Hans-Jörg, et al. Archaic Bookkeeping Early Writing and Techniques of Economic Administration in the Ancient Near East. University of Chicago Press, 1993.

Source for the goatherders: Green, M. W. “Animal Husbandry at Uruk in the Archaic Period.” Journal of Near Eastern Studies, vol. 39, no. 1, 1980, pp. 1–35, https://doi.org/10.1086/372776.

Source for Gal-Sal: Visible Language: Inventions of Writing In The Middle East And Beyond, Oriental Institute Of Chicago

Source for Egypt relied heavily on Raven and Hassan but this is the Petrie book
Petrie, William Matthew. The Royal Tombs of the Earliest Dynasties, 2013, https://doi.org/10.1017/cbo9781107337299.


Disclaimer: Use my videos as a rough guide to a topic. I am not an expert, I may get things wrong. This is why I always post my sources so you can critique my work and verify things for yourselves. Of course I aim to be as accurate as possible which is why you will only find reputable sources in my videos. Secondly, information is always subject to changes as new information is uncovered by archaeologists.

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