Motivation and Life Lessons The ABC's of Success

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Mister O The Hip Hop Teacher

X = Xtra
Again, always do more than
Challenge yourself to write more,
create more, market more!
If you always do the same thing, you
will always get the same results!

Y = Why?
What is your Y?
What are the reasons that you are
pursuing your goals?
Is it to buy a house for your mother?
Is it to help pay bills?
Is it to put yourself through school?
Is it to save the environment?
Buy a new car!
Is it to achieve your dreams?

Z = Zest!

Zest is when you do

something with vigor!

It is putting that

special secret sauce

on your creation. It is

doing it like no one

else can!

Mr. O,

The Hip Hop Teacher!

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