Every Recession and Depression in American History

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Mr. Beat goes through every single recession and depression in American history. He really does. It's kind of nuts.

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Produced by Beat Productions, LLC and Matt Beat. All images and video by Matt Beat, used under fair use guidelines, or found in the public domain. Music by @ElectricNeedleRoom, @badsnacks, @Kwon, and @QuincasMoreira. Creative commons credits: Bestbudbrian, Science History Institute, and pwbaker.

Here's an annotated script with footnotes: https://docs.google.com/docume....nt/d/1gUt9E1EI5gABZa

Sources/further reading:
From the American System to Mass Production, 1800-1932 by David A Hounshell
Purchase here: https://amzn.to/3F2RU3C

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Because the United States has had the world’s biggest economy going back all the way arguably to the 1890s, that means this video kind of also went over every recession and depression in WORLD history since then. “But Mr. Beat, what about the Panic of 1792??” You know what, FORGET the Panic of 1792! (gasp!) And forget Panic at the Disco! They were an overrated band anyway. But seriously, obviously historians say there were more recessions than I mentioned.

#apush #ushistory #economichistory

0:00 Introduction
3:19 Sponsor (Home Title Lock)
4:39 Introduction again
4:53 The Panic of 1785
6:24 The Copper Panic of 1789
7:44 The Panic of 1796-1797
9:15 The 1802-1804 Recession
9:43 The Depression of 1807
10:33 The 1812 Recession
10:51 The 1815-1821 Depression
12:35 The 1822-1823 Recession
12:46 The 1825-1826 Recession
13:21 The 1828-1829 Recession
13:43 The 1833-1834 Recession
13:51 The 1836-1838 Recession
16:04 The Late 1839-Late 1843 Recession
16:27 The 1847-1848 Recession
16:54 The 1853-1854 Recession
17:11 The Panic of 1857
17:54 The 1860-1861 Recession
18:34 The 1865-1867 Recession
19:24 The 1869-1870 Recession
20:00 The Long Depression
22:05 The 1902-1904 Recession
22:25 The Panic of 1907
23:25 The Panic of 1910-1911
24:28 The Recession of 1913-1914
25:03 The Post-World War One Recession
25:21 The Depression of 1920-1921
25:22 The Great Depression
27:12 The Recession of 1945
27:28 The Recession of 1949
27:47 The Recession of 1953
28:27 The Recession of 1958
28:34 The Recession of 1960-1961
28:43 The Recession of 1969-1970
29:04 The 1973-1975 Recession
29:49 The 1980 Recession
30:10 The 1981-1982 Recession
30:25 Early 1990s Recession
31:15 Early 2000s Recession
31:46 The Great Recession
33:16 The COVID-19 Recession
34:00 Conclusion

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