CHOOSING MIDDLE SCHOOL SCIENCE | Exploring Options 6th Grade Secular Science Homeschool 2023 - 2024

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Choosing Middle School Science
In anticipation of starting middle school in the fall, I have been on a quest to explore our science options.
I took all of your recommendations to heart and checked them out.
Today I am sharing what I found and my thoughts.
I hope this provides a condensed quick-look version of the options available for secular homeschool science for middle schoolers.
I know some of you will be offended by how I made my choices but I need to be honest with myself about what we will and won't enjoy using.
You may love something for exactly the reason I would hate it.
Let's all remember that we don't need to use the same things to achieve great results.
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Just a mama making magic!

Links To What I Checked Out:

Generation Genius:

Science Mom:

Exploration Education:

Supercharged Science:

Real Science Odyssey:

Core Knowledge:

Mr. Q:

Khan Academy:

Crash Course:


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