Verb Man | It's a Verb| by Mister O

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Mister O The Hip Hop Teacher

They call me verb man, cause I’m always in action

I’m always thinking, scheming, rapping

Reporting the news, telling you what’s happening

when i open my mouth I’m spitting, verbs that are hitting

On the stage I’m standing, when I’m done I’m sitting

I got thirsty so I’m getting some water

then I’m sitting in the shade

Let me give some verbs

He was hairy so he shaved

he had to go so he waved

she like barbie so she played

he liked the xbox so he played

He ran, frowned,

fell, down

yelled a strange sound

took the dog to the pound

20 dollars he found

He looked like he was shook

he failed the test

he should of read the book

she brought the dress

he made a mess

the preacher said he’s blessed

the cop locked him up

cause the thief stole his bucks

keith won the lottery

he screamed, I got good luck

A verbs a word with action

I hope you understand

if it’s doing anything

it’s a verb man

I’m doing too much, so I’m a verb man

Mr. O Yo, gotta go

here’s a verb


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