The Science of Joy: Exploring Dopamine and Natural Highs (Video 1 of 3)

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Natural High
Natural High
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In Other "The Brain's Response to Natural and Artificial Highs" is a series of 3 videos that teaches kids how drugs rewire their brains, leading them to give up their passions, disconnect from friends and interests, and lose their individuality.

These videos can be watched individually or as a 3-part series (9 minutes total).

Video 1: Learn about dopamine's role in their brains and how it influences their choices. It explains how engaging in enjoyable activities triggers the release of dopamine, creating a connection between their actions and the joy they feel. It emphasizes the connection between everyday enjoyable activities and the release of dopamine, highlighting the importance of understanding this process for making informed decisions.

Watch the other videos in this series:
Video 2: The Dark Side of Highs: Unmasking Artificial Rewards

Video 3: Choosing Wisely: Navigating the World of Natural and Artificial Highs

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